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Period Positive Spaces

We provide Compact Dispensers for public spaces to make periods a better experience.

Designed for Public Spaces 

Organic Products for Refilling

Easy Management

Access Period Care Anytime, Anywhere.

For centuries women keep up with absence of Period Positive Spaces. We can change that together. 


Providing essential amenities for girls and women in public bathrooms (university, office, restaurant, hotels, airports, actually ! anywhere), is  the direct improving of women mental and physical well-being.


Simple Yet Beautiful

We offer Modern Digital Period Care Dispensers. Check it out!

Digitalized Dispensers

Place Dispenser at Public Bathroom. Manage stock online. Hassle free and digitalized! 

Set Notifications if the Refill is required. 

Smart Product Refills

Need a Refill? Once Dispenser is set up, choose how often we should refill it. Weekly, Monthly or On-Demand Refill with Products.

Free Lifetime Customer Support

We are always there for you. Need to learn more about platform? Want to check how to update banners? Chat with your manager.

Become our Consignment Partner

Not sure about buying Dispenser? Become our Partner. We take care of Period Care, you take care of your location and guests. Perfect Match! 

Built for Women, by Women

Our Dispensers are simple, digitalized and easy to use.  Just perfect for all who menstruate and want to move thorough the day with less worries, anxiety and complications. Sisters for sisters. 

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